INI-Consult is  a global-oriented network organization at the interface between practice and science, founded in 1993, with a steady kernel consisting of Dr. William DeJong (1956; Applied Mathematics and Organization Science) and Gea Mulder MSc (1959; Organizational Psychology). William has been working as a process manager of change and innovation in the business and public sector for more than 20 years; Gea has been working as a process manager of change and innovation in the social and education sector for more than 10 years.

Wim Gea

Our service is:

Characteristic for our contribution is that we produce in short time concrete and useful results that likewise can be expanded further.



Assignments are carried out by teams of a varying composition. Our 'base-camp' is in Delft, The Netherlands. Physical distances are bridged, using the internet (email, chatting, video conferencing, e-learning).

Our contribution may consist  of a second opinion on the change and  innovation plans you have made, feedback on your approach of managing change and innovation, advise, coaching, training, or assistance with giving your innovation projects the performance of a methodical journey of discovery. If necessary, we help you on location in coaching, training or leading change and innovation.